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Sep 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
high product who says he wants to be one day the mayor of los angeles. if ucla wins this game and an election is tomorrow, he wins. >> charles: look out mayor vee a la go sa. you could be defeated by trow morning. >> referee: false start, offense. number 60. five-yard penalty. >> charles: what did jim mora tell julie alexander at the half? that they needed to capitalize going into the half or whatever. that they needed to capitalize after getting a defensive stop. that's what he wanted his offense to get done. they're getting that done right now. >> gus: jim mora, deep breath. second and third teams. hundley. hundley, out of bounds. pushed out of bounds by p.j. smith. >> charles: trying to use the pursu of nebraska against itself, showing flow in one direction toward the field, to the wide side. and then coming back to the backside with one lead blocker out in front on an offensive lineman. >> gus: third down and six at the nebraska 16. thigpen in the backfield with hundley. hundley. goes up top. fauria, and he couldn't bring it in. daimion stafford got enough on it to break it up. >
Sep 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. amanda bynes was spooted driving around los angeles tuesday smoking from what appeared to be a marijuana pipe.but that's only half of the problem, bynes was driving on a suspended license. the inside of bynes car was completely trashed with stains on the seat, empty bottles, dog hair and other gross items.tmz reported byness license was suspended on august 25th because she refused a sobriety test. 3 o's get a late starr on the west coast...see if they took their orioles magic to in sports unlimited... not only did they let the kid drive, they posted it on the web. the charges the couple could face for letting this toddler speed through traffic. at the very dad look, you can get eggs, bacon and pancakes for $4. umm. in my day, you get eggs, bacon and pancakes, and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. worst...the orioles can end the year at five hundred.that hasn't been said for the past 14 years.but with already 81 wins...the orioles have higher . expectations.orioles out west..
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
space shuttle toured california today, flying over the iconic hollywood sign in los angeles. the shuttle circled thh golden gate bridge and other cities across the country as part of it's swan sign. the retired shuttle is headed for it's resting place in a museum in los angeles. the closest shuttle to baltimore is discovery, located in the smithsonian hangar in virginia. a... child... with a... life-threatening illness... gets... the chaace ...of a life-tiie. thanks to the ásomething magic foundationá one child will be able to explore all of what "is today going to get better you think.yeah.and why is that. because i get to gg to disney." disney."emily is part of the ácasey cares foundationá and for 5 days she and her family have been given an all expense paid vacation to orlando, florida.emilyygot a taste of some of the un right at b-w-i airport...which was fillld with átiggerá decorations, music and crafts. "typically after she gets up in the morning she heads to &pthe hospital for treatment an today she got to go to the airport to go to disney so what this break is going
Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the football. mike pereira, in los angeles, our rules analyst. mike, your thoughts? >> well, let's address the fumble thing first. and if the ball's punched out, remember they rule touchdown. you'd have to have a clear recovery before it goes into a scrum, which you don't see. you just see them point out the ball actually after the scrum. so, you know. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> gus: they're saying the ruling on the field stands, touchdown. >> charles: going on what mike's saying. if oklahoma state didn't come out of the pile, you can't give them possession post. you have to have the officials rule oklahoma state with the ball coming out of the pile. they can't reverse what the officials called on the field. >> gus: one more look at it. >> charles: bergeron goes in. you see the ball in the middle right there is coming out. bute officials had already called touchdown. >> gus: jordan adds the extra point. the touchdown will stand. texas takes a 41-36 lead. but they will be talking about this one in stillwater all week long. i don't
Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
heritage hall, folks, if you're in los angeles and you want to sight-see. go to harrison hall to look at all the heisman trophies and great busts of former usc players. just a wonderful, wonderful trip. don't forget, the fox saturday postgame report. a blowout. wolverines going down hard but matt barkley, big day. marqise lee, big day as well as usc opens up with a 49-10 win over hawaii. next week they'll travel to new york to take on syracuse in the meadowlands. 49-10, the final. southern california, the number one team in the nation starts off strong a coach chow and coach kiffin greet each other at midfield. >>> number one team looking very strong. coming up on the at&t postgame show i'll be joined alongside eddie and joey. they'll give your comments and we've got the oregon ducks playing right now. we'll get you all caught up. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. i can get everyone their favorite pizza. any size, any toppings for just ten bucks. pepperoni lover's, meat lover's... dad, what about veggie l
Sep 3, 2012 10:00pm EDT
be tough out west. west. this time in the angeles national forest just ast and north of los angeles where a fire broke out yesterday. it has now burned more than four thousanddacres. theewilliams fire began near a camp fire on sunday.he area typically attracts about 12-thousand visitoos over the holiday's extremely dry this time of year. no homes are threatened.... but firefighters have evaauated much of the camping area so thee'll have access to fight the fire. a blackhawk helicopter lands unexpectedly in a backyard in i. indianapolis.ittcame as quite a suprise to nikki schulz.... a young mom who had no dea that 60 marijuana plants were growinggbehind her house. turns was the indiana national guard...doing a drug bust. nikki wws in a panicc.. until the troops told her what was happening. she says it would have been worse, if er little boy was home at the time. schultz says: " (covered with video of her son): "i would (on cam) because i really thought they werr going to hit the house, (covered with a still of the chopper) and so i was running around frantic just by mys
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6